Nice to meet you.


About me.

Shelby is a content developer and copywriter from Toronto, Canada.

She has written for “She Does the City”, ”Broken Pencil Magazine”, “The Punk Site” and “Weird Canada” – not to mention her own zines. In fact, BlogTO described her as one of the "10 Zines Artists Currently Setting Toronto on Fire".

For the past decade, Shelby has been living in the most exciting neighbourhood in the city, Kensington Market, which consists of a few small streets brimming with diverse cultures, fruit stands and life. With “The Market” as her home and source of inspiration for all these years, she has taken her lively outlook on life and infused it into all of her work.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Shelby is always learning. She is currently enrolled in Italian classes and has recently taught herself how to drive standard in the downtown core (yes, there were a few tears as many cars honked behind her). She is an avid reader, movie lover and can talk anyone under the table about Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and Nick Cave, three performers who lie very close to her heart.

Shelby enjoys taking in documentaries, eating gelato and petting her cat’s large tummy. She also enjoys of sharing her unique take on old content and connecting with new people. Both these traits jump out when you work with her.

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